I run Mindful Yoga classes, based on Hathayoga, in Paignton, Devon.

These are provided at Collaton St. Mary Parish Rooms in Collaton St Mary, Paignton. The Hall is clean, spacious, light and warm, an ideal environment to practice Yoga. Beautiful fields surround the Hall and there is ample parking.

The Mindful Yoga sessions are based on some Breathing techniques, Posture work/exercises and Relaxation and Meditation which are suitable for men and women of any age and ability as you listen to your body and work within your own comfortable limitations.

The classes are fun, friendly and safe. A place to de-stress, recharge, revitalising, rejuvenating and replenish your own, unique health system. A time and space to re-discover you. A journey within.

Yoga strengthens our immune system. Boosts our metabolism and energises our body and mind.

It helps us find a deep inner calm and happiness, a place of peace and contentment with all that is.

It is a balance of self discovery as we re-connect with the earth and our true self, having an earthly experience as we accept ourselves with kindness.

As we expand our awareness of grounding, being present and living more in the moment, so our own special, unique light can shine more brightly.

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